In our mediation centre, our professional mediators uses their knowledge, skills and ethical principles acquired during the professional mediation training to conduct the mediation process which assist participants to make their own decisions in relation to heir disputes or conflicts.

Professional Mediation Training Certification Accreditation - Mediation Training Institute East Africa (MTI East Africa) - 1

Mediation is a process that promotes the self-determination of participants and in which participants, with the support of a mediator;

  • Communicate with each other, exchange information and seek understanding
  • Identify, clarify and explore interests, issues and underlying needs
  • Consider their alternatives
  • Generate and evaluate options
  • Negotiate with each others
  • Reach and make their own decisions

A Professional mediator does not evaluate or advise on the merits of or determine the outcome of disputes. This should be achieved at the end of the mediation.