(It is important that we evaluate the mediation that you have taken part in to ensure that our mediators are providing the best service possible. All responses are treated in confidence)

Please answer the following questions by ticking the box that most accurately reflects how you feel.

1. Were the initial arrangements for the mediation satisfactory? Were you given some guidance about preparing for the mediation?

2) Did the mediator adequately explain the mediation procedure at the initial joint meeting or privately

3) The mediation information given to me by the mediator was clear and easy to understand

4) The mediator was fair and impartial? He / she was a good listener developing good rapport with you/the client? His / her interventions were helpful?

5) I felt comfortable that confidentiality was respected at all times

6) The mediator….(please tick any of the boxes that you agree with, and /or provide feedback below)

7) Following mediation my understanding of the other person has improved

8. I feel I was given enough support to express my views

9) From my point of view, the situation has improved following mediation

10) I feel more able to deal with any differences that might arise in future with the same or a different party

11) I would recommend the mediation service to a colleague

12) What would have improved the mediation service / experience for you?

13) Overall, I would rate the mediation service as effective

14) Any additional comments you would like to make