Pre-mediation Briefing

MTI International East Africa expects the mentee, in collaboration with the mentor, to identify, before each mediation, areas of focus and goals to be achieved in the current mediation, any discussions or de-briefings from prior mediations as described in earlier Mentee Portfolio forms, and any concerns or issues.

Before the mediation begins, the mentee should:

  • Meet with the mentor 20 to 40 minutes to discuss the details of the current case. Refer to the “Mentee’s Pre-Mediation Checklist”
  • Confirm with the mentor that the training requirements necessary to mediate the current case have been met
  • Confirm the mentor’s availability for the post-mediation de-briefing (immediately following the mediation session or shortly thereafter)
  • Inform the mentor if the Mentee Evaluation form is needed in less than one week
  • Provide the mentor with blank copies of the Mentee Portfolio and Mentee Evaluation (as appropriate) forms to be completed
  • Provide the mentor with a copy of each completed Mentee Portfolio form (or incomplete Mentee Portfolio form(s) for an ongoing multiple session co-mediation)
  • Complete “Section I: Skill Development Goals” of the Mentee Portfolio form in collaboration with the mentor prior to the mediation.


If the mentee does not provide the current mentor with the Mentee Portfolio form(s) from completed co-mediations (or incomplete Mentee Portfolio form(s) for an ongoing multiple session co-mediation), the mentee may participate in the co-mediation as an observer only.

During Co-mediation

MTI International East Africa expects the mentee to strive to perform the mediator roles and responsibilities agreed to during the pre-mediation discussions. During the co-mediation, the mentee should;

  • Follow the lead of the mentor who may need to take a more active role based on circumstances encountered during the mediation;
  • Conduct as many portions of the mediation as possible and practice the use of special techniques as appropriate during the mediation;
  • Serve as the writer of at least one settlement Agreement;
  • Take note of learning opportunities that occurred in the mediation for later discussion with the mentor.

Post-mediation De-briefing

MTI International East Africa expects the mentee to participate fully in the post-mediation de-briefing. During the de-briefing, the mentee should:

  • Discuss the evolution of the case with the mentor and the completion of specific mediation tasks assigned;
  • discuss his or her progress towards achieving previously identified skill development goals;
  • Review the settlement Agreement;
  • Work with the mentor to identify skill development goals for the next co-mediation case (or session) as the mentor completes Sections II and III of the Mentee Portfolio; and
  • Complete “Section IV: Mentee Feedback” of the Mentee Evaluation when the form is received from the mentor.


  • The mentee is not obligated to share this section with the mentor.
  • Retain a copy of the completed Mentee Portfolio and Mentee Evaluation forms for personal file

Suggestions for receiving feedback

Reflective practice is an important attribute of good mediators. The mentorship process provides a safe learning environment where skills can be assessed and enhanced, and best practices shared. To maximize the learning opportunities inherent in the mentorship, the mentee should:

  • Be receptive to constructive feedback
  • Be willing to ask questions
  • Reflect on the case at hand and on previous cases