Greetings to all Professional mediators in East Africa. I hope this press release finds you well and safe.

Our New Location
This is to notify all our students and members that MTI E.A offices are now located at Jeevan Bharati building 5th floor. Under one roof, we are housing MTI E.A training wing , MTI E.A Mediation center, MTI International Mediation Library and ICMC offices. Come and find all services under one roof in the city center.

The institute of chartered mediators and conciliators of East Africa (ICMC) will be holding a Regional Mediation conference on 3rd December 2021. We expect Keynote speakers from Israel, United States of America, Asia and Africa. Registration is on for virtual and physical attendance. For more details please contact Lydia Mareri at 0721677045 Eve Owour at 0702 475279 and Hesbon at 0714390371

Mediation Advocacy Training For Lawyers

Mediation Training Institute East Africa (MTI) has collaborated with Edwards Mediation Academy and the law society of Kenya Nairobi branch to offer Professional Mediation Advocacy Training. The EMA Mediation Advocacy course is for advocates who would like to expand their range of professional services to include successfully representing their clients in mediation. Mediation advocacy differs from traditional litigation advocacy and the advocate of today needs to master the skills to help their clients win at mediation. We build on your education, experience as a litigation advocate, and help you expand your skills in a new direction… one that will add value for your clients and your legal practice. Learners can take the online portion of the courses in the convenience of their home or office, over a period of two months. MTI instructors will lead subsequent two-hour face-to-face discussion and mediation coaching sessions after specific modules on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, based on individual student schedules and needs.

To register, contact our secretariat.

Upcoming Events/Trainings 

  1. 1. 5 weeks virtual professional mediation training -8th November to 10th December 2021
    2. 5 day (physical ) professional mediation training –Nairobi 6th to 10th December 2021
    3. Refresher course for professional mediators – 12th November 2021
    4. 5 day (physical ) professional mediation training –Kisumu 5th November 2021
    5. 5 day (physical ) professional mediation training –Mombasa 6th to 10th December 2021
    6. Mediating Tax Disputes (virtual training) – November , Date TBA
    7. Training of Mentors (virtue ) – November , Date TB

Mentorship Program

MTI East Africa has one of the leading and most elaborate mentorship program in the industry. Our mentors have indicated that they will be charging a minimal fee to mentor mentees from the month of August onwards. For those who require mentorship, please register at our office with a fee of Ksh 5000, which will be paid to the assigned mentor.
Our mentors are trained and certified. Always ask for the Mentor Certificate. It will be an exercise in futility to be mentored with an inexperienced and untrained mentor. Please help us to control the quality of the mediation services offered to the public.

The Benefits of IMI Certification
All professional mediators are encouraged to apply and get IMI Certification. So many benefits accrue from being certified as an IMI Mediator and being in IMI Mediator search engine viz:

  • Mediators will find IMI Certification brilliant marketing because it will be credible. It will also come at a nominal cost. The mediator’s quality, competency and achievements will be available to a vast number of users, locally, nationally and globally.
  • Mediators will get more reliable and factual information about other mediators and providers in a more coherent, consistent and easier-to-manage form.
  • The chances of cases coming to mediation will improve as counter-parties to whom mediation is proposed will have an objective resource from which they can discover more about the field, about what prior parties have said about mediators, and other relevant information.
  • The users of mediation services and their professional advisers – will have open access to the world’s most competent mediators. The perception of competency will no longer hinge on gossip, experience, guesswork, hearsay and word-of-mouth, but more on transparent, factual and credible feedback from actual prior users presented in an easy-to-read format. More and better data will be available to users at the touch of a keyboard with no need to register or pay to access the information. The potential choice will be greater, and users will be able to select a mediator based on a more reliable impression of competency and potential suitability with a greater element of objective comparison.
  • Quality providers will be identifiable from the IMI web portal, aiding users needing administered mediation and other provider services. Providers will have a structured and internationally accepted QC mechanism via feedback, enhancing their own perception of professionalism, reliability and value added service. Providers will have the opportunity to act as Reviewers for their Panel mediators (and others if they wish) on terms they agree with the mediators.

MTI E.A is a qualifying assessment program for IMI , Our 50 hour professional mediation training program is accredited by IMI , Those who complete our program are certified as qualified mediators by IMI, For those who are trained already and have experience in mediation practice and would like to be certified by IMI, Please contact our secretariat for assistance.

Online Training(New)

MTI East Africa has resolved that online training is now part of our training programs even post pandemic. We intend to offer the highest quality online training that meets international standards. In order to facilitate effective online learning we will ensure that participants are fully engaged on the course for the minimum 51 hours. This is achieved by the following:

  • Subscribes to a platform with appropriate video conferencing facilities (Zoom, Skype, Modria or teams ) and is familiar with the functionality of the platform, we also ensure that our trainers, coaches, and assessors have adequate equipment and training in its use.
  • The Zoom platform enables the course content to be delivered in an engaging manner, we include videos and dynamic presentations, using asynchronous learning tools where applicable, and breakout rooms for exercises, discussion, roleplaying, coaching and assessment.
  • We will be providing written guidance on software and hardware requirements, and pre-course video conference practice sessions. This will be to ensure that the participants, trainers, coaches and assessors are able to interact on the platform.
  • We will be providing guidance in advance of the course about the environment in which the participants and trainers, coaches and assessors should undertake the course in order to minimize distractions.
  • The program will take five weeks i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4.p.m. to 7.p.m. This means online courses will typically take place over a longer period than in-person training and include live sessions of no longer than 150 minutes at a time, interspersed with frequent breaks.
  • We will ensure that trainers are visible on-screen at all times and that coaches and assessors are able to hide their videos during role-plays so that participants do not feel intimidated by their presence.
  • We will provide opportunities for participants to meet informally at stages of the course to build rapport and camaraderie.
  • We will provide capability for course participants who are, for reasons beyond their control, unable to participate in the minimum of 51 hours’ course, to make up the missing components in order that the minimum 51 hours’ training is attained. This could include via recorded videos for trainer-delivered content, where course participants have given permission for the course content to be videoed. Where the components missed are skills-related, this may necessitate one-on-one training with the participant.

The participants:

  • Should Confirm that they have basic computer skills including the ability to manage any technology challenges efficiently.
  • Ensure that they have a laptop or desktop computer or a large tablet, a microphone and camera. Cell phones are not ideal.
  • Should be visible on screen at all time, with due sensitivity to individuals’ special learning needs.
  • Ensure that they have sufficient data and power to remain connected throughout the course.
  • Should Arrange a suitably quiet and undisturbed location to be during the training.

Mediation Centre
The mediation centre opened its doors in March this year and it has been receiving cases from customers mostly in Family and commercial disputes. We have not yet reached all the sectors and our aim is to delve into the manufacturing sector, insurance sector, Employment sector, banking sector, medical sector and others. All mediators are encouraged to take the initiative of approaching customers in the aforementioned sectors and open up the practice of mediation.

Mediation Library
The mediation library is open for use to all certified professional mediators in our roaster. It is free. We do not lend out books. Members can only read and return. This will continue for a while until we get a full time librarian to manage the borrowing. We encourage all the mediators to make use of the library to expand their knowledge in mediation.

Benefits of Training with MTI East Africa

A common talk these days is that “a training is a training no matter the institution or the trainers “this is completely self-serving, erroneous and misleading. This assumption has led to the proliferation of quarks and compromising the quality of mediation services offered to the public. Institutional credibility is key if the concept of mediation is to succeed. We cannot afford to ignore that. Aligning yourself to the right organization is vital; MTI E.A has developed a Reputation for Professionalism, Integrity, Diversity and Quality.

  1. Quality Assurance; MTI E.A has earned a reputation of excellence in the field of Mediation Training, MTI E.A Conducts ongoing reviews of content, processes, and is widely acknowledged as one of the leading providers of Professional Mediation training in the world. Our training program has been subjected to extensive scrutiny by leading International standards setting and credentialing Institutions.
  2. Proven Results; MTI .E.A ‘s 50 hour mediation training program is accredited by the International Mediation Institute Netherlands(IMI ) , the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) and many other local and international reputable organizations. For the last 19 years, our program has continuously evolved in association with distinguished experts to ensure that it reflects the latest thinking and practice in the field of Professional Mediation.
  3. Meeting Standards; MTI E.A provides one of the most comprehensive training program in the industry; the program meets and exceeds the required global standards in Professional Mediation Training.
  4. Experienced Trainers; All MTI .E.A trainers are practicing mediators who have undergone Extensive train the trainer (TOT) training and have experience in mediation practice. At the end of the training, participants are assessed with highly qualified External Assessors.

We have loaded some videos on You-tube, including previews. They are at If you want to expand your mediation library and would like to buy new books for mediation practice go to this website.
Please go to, then double click on the link “the mediator” to view a number of topics in mediation that we have had in discussion on Family TV Previously. You can also watch another TV Interview on Citizen TV at the following link another for KTN is

Please let us know if and when you have any concerns. We definitely want to stay updated on our trainees, trainers, and customers’ needs
For more information, please visit our website. We wish you and your family peace and good health. Thank you.


James Mang’erere Advocate
President MTI International East Africa,-Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, Member Global Mediation panel UN and Board Member International Mediation Institute (IMI) Netherlands

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