We do hope this press release finds you well in your practice.

Foremost, we wish to welcome all those who have recently graduated as Professional Mediators. MTI International East Africa will continue to guide you, coach and mentor you to ensure you provide quality mediation services that meet the public expectations. Please complete your examinations and hand over the booklets to the office for marking.

For those who have not yet been included in our international Mediation Directory, Please forward your details to our secretariat with immediate effect. i.e. Your current  CV in soft , and your latest passport photo. Of late we are receiving inquiries from Customers both locally and internationally asking us to recommend to them Credible Professional Mediators. We will recommend only those who are in good standing i.e. those who attend at least one half day refresher course per year  as per our certification requirements and are of good Conduct. We have started cleaning up our collaborative suit. A new directory will be posted on our website in November 2018.

The following institutions are the only ones we work with.  If in doubt please call the following numbers to confirm. 0707124831, 0725538320, 0714390371, 0733854901.

  1. The Kenya School of Law (KSL)
  2. FIDA Kenya
  3. Law society of Kenya (LSK)
  4. Institute of Certified Public accountants(    ICPAK) 
  5. Career & Professional Development Institute
  6. Mount Kenya university (MKU)
  7. Angles Paradise Counselling Clinic.
  8. Coast Mediation Center.

Others who do not appear above have not renewed their MOU and therefore we are not partnering with them in training. We are currently formalizing MOUs with other organizations and we will update you accordingly.

Our training programs and standards are available in our website. We also have an elaborate mentorship program now which participants undertake after the training to ensure that they offer quality services to the public. Before you attend a course purporting to be “a professional mediation training workshop” ask yourself the following questions. When and where was the trainer trained as a trainer ? What is their experience in both training and practice? What are the contents of the training program and the mode of delivery? Do they have elaborate training standards? Where are those standards found?  Due diligence is vital. Be forewarned and educate the public accordingly because you have an obligation to do so. Before we have a regulatory body in place (we are almost there) un suspecting and innocent people will be taken for a ride , Be extra vigilant !!!.

Our mentorship program is now operational, we had to train mentors on how to mentor as per our guidelines, The second batch of mentors will be graduating on the first week of November.  A few mentees who had applied early have been mentored already and issued with certificates of completion. This was done by mentors who had already been trained earlier, but now we will be having a bigger number at the end of this months and then we will be able to take in more mentees. Sorry for the delay, we had to do it perfectly.

For those who were trained and have not gotten any mediation work yet, Be a little bit more patient, We are rapidly opening the mediation space by making roadways into the Insurance sector, Manufacturing sector and labour disputes etc.  We are in the process of aiding these sectors to establish mediation centres. Very soon you will have much to do. In the meantime engage in pro bono assignments. It is not a must that you must be accredited by the courts to practice mediation both locally and internationally, The certification you have is sufficient to get you started.  The courts cater for 15% of the mediation business, 85% is out here and that is the space we are delving into now to open up.

Recruitment for membership in the following institutions among others is ongoing .i.e. Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC), Christian professional mediators association of Kenya (CPMAK), Society of professional Mediators of Kenya and Coast mediation Center (CMC).

The ANNUAL MEDIATION CONFERENCE for the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC) is slated for the 6th and 7th December 2018 , preparations are underway and you will be briefed accordingly by their secretariat.

To open up the mediation space and create more business for our members, We are forming 10 committees to spearhead 10 areas of practice . Each Committee will have 10 members who will be given specific terms of reference. The Committees are as follows: 1. Peer Mediation Committee 2. Insurance mediation Committee 3. Prisons of peace project (Victim offender mediation) , 4. Community mediation Committee 5.Court annexed mediation committee .6.Commercial mediation committee 7. Workplace mediation Committee 8. Faith based mediation committee 9.Land and Environmental disputes mediation committee 10. Family mediation Committee. Recruitment of members will start on 1stNovember 2018 and thereafter they will appoint their chair persons and commence their work according to the guidelines provided. These committees will require Professional mediators who have passion and are dedicated to promoting mediation, not people with other “motives”

The next press release will be published on the first week of November; More new and exciting information in regard to our practice is on the way.
If you want to expand your mediation library and would like to buy new books for mediation practice go to this website . https://www.wildy.com/subjects/mediation

Please go to www.familymediaonline.com , then double click on the link the mediator to view a number of topics in mediation that we have had in discussion on Family TV Previously. You can also watch another TV Interview on Citizen TV at the following link https://youtu.be/gURzg2HIsc  another for KTN is https://youtube.be/RNTr6dPYOOM

For more information please visit our website. www.mtieastafrica.org

Thank you.

James Mang’erere Advocate

President MTI International East Africa,-Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators..

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