To all professional mediators trained and certified by MTI International East Africa

We do hope this press release finds you well in your practice.

Foremost, we wish to welcome all those who have recently graduated as Professional Mediators. MTI International East Africa will continue to guide you, coach and mentor you to ensure you provide quality mediation services that meet the public expectations. Remember our Motto: “The sanctity of the Mediation Process Must be Kept Sacrosanct”

For the purpose of clarification and for avoidance of doubt, It is important to note that we have not Planned for any conference this year apart from the launch of ICMC, SMECA CPMAK and a Dinner for all professional mediators trained and certified by MTI International East Africa to be held at Intercontinental hotel, to be graced by Local and international mediation Gurus whose dates you will be notified in subsequent press releases. Note further that Mediation Training Institute International East Africa does not have any affiliation to any College or university locally or internationally. Occasionally we collaborate with international organizations to offer specific certification courses Jointly, That does not mean we are either affiliated or are subsidiaries. We are finalizing major collaborations with two reputable international Mediation training organizations and the collaboration will be made public in the first week of July 2018.  Very soon MTI International East Africa will be a qualifying assessment Centre for Mediators in East Africa. The good news is around the corner.  Our standards of practice and Certification are available and accessible at our website Our new training programs that have been enhanced and improved to meet international standards will soon be placed on our website for ease of accessibility. Our trainers are accomplished distinguished international trainers with decades of experience in mediation training and practice. Their reputation is in the public domain. Our training standards are now well known. Please do not confuse us with any other outfit.  For any clarification please call 0707124831.

Our 5 Day Advanced Mediation Training Certification program is now scheduled for the 2nd to the 6th of July 2018 at Nairobi Safari club . The training will be conducted by three seasoned International mediation trainers with decades of mediation training experience. Professor Dwight Golann , Professor  of  Law at Suffolk University in Boston and a Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy Mediators, Eugene C. Moscovitch, ESQ, Immediate Past President of the International Academy of Mediators and James Mang’erere Master mediation trainer and a Distinguished fellow of the International Academy Mediators, See more in our website.
It is my pleasure to inform you also that our new 50 hour Professional Mediation training program will be launched in July this year and it is now enhanced and contains new extra content. We have included new and more recent and relevant content to the ever evolving conflict scenarios in our African context and in tandem with current international standards for professional mediation training. Our new program contains the latest techniques in mediation practice that will aid the practitioner to navigate through difficult conflict terrains. The new program has two components, The first one is training and the second one is assessment. The Assessment phase has three components: 1), Role-plays; 2) a Reflective Practice; and 3) a Written Examination. Those who have already undergone our professional mediation training program will not miss anything; they will gradually be brought to speed on the new programs through our regular refresher courses and quarterly round table seminars.
The Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC)  will shortly embark on a recruitment drive of its new membership. If you are trained and certified as a professional mediator you are eligible to apply for membership, Recruitment forms will be posted on our website and the ICMC website shortly.
Christian Professional Mediators Association of Kenya (CPMAK) has already Embarked on a recruitment Drive of its new Members .Application forms are available in MTI International East Africa offices. You may proceed anytime and collect yours.
The Society of Mediators of East and Central Africa (SMECA) will shortly embark on a recruitment drive of its new membership. If you are trained and certified as a professional mediator you are eligible to join by just filling in the registration form and paying a small fee.

We have launched New training Manuals and Modules. They are comprehensive, easy to read and relevant to our local African context and conflict situations, though they can also be used internationally across all cultures. The manuals will be used in our training and issued free of charge during refresher courses.

We have partnered with the Legal Resource Foundation Trust (LRFT) to produce local Mediation Videos (acted by our local Kenyan artists) to be used in our training and also to sensitize the public about the mediation process. The videos will be launched very soon and you will be notified.

Our mentorship program will be launched on 1st of July 2018. We are in the process of registering mentors to assist in the program . Mentors will undergo a four hour certification training program before they engage in the mentorship process. Once we have a pool of mentors, we will then open registration for mentees . Application forms for mentors will be sent to your individual mails. Please fill in, scan and send to [email protected]. You can also download a mentorship application form from our websites.

We have information that there are institutions that purport to be collaborating or associated with MTI International East Africa, Please note that we are not collaborating with any institution locally in mediation training. Apart from those listed below whom We train for in Professional Mediation.

  1. The Kenya School of Law
  2. FIDA Kenya
  3. Career & Professional Development Institute
  4. KIBABII University 
  5. Mount Kenya university
  6. Family wellness Centre.
  7. Angles paradise counselling Clinic.


We will run our new programs in collaborations with these institutions. Three more organizations have requested for collaboration and we are in the process of formalizing our MOU . We will inform you as soon as the paperwork is done.  If any institution comes on board in future, we will notify the public accordingly.

In order to maintain the high standards of the mediators trained and certified by MTI International East Africa, there is a requirement that one must attend at least one refresher course per year or one quarterly round table seminar. For those that have not attended refresher courses for a while, please ensure you attend the next one. Please ensure you are in good standing. We have embarked on cleaning our International mediators Directory. Your name will appear there for local and international business if only you are in good standing.

We now have two websites.

Thank you.

James Mang’erere Advocate

President MTI International East Africa,-Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators

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