Happy New Year!!!

We do hope this press release finds you well and that you are ready to face 2018 with gusto.

It is my pleasure to inform you that Mediation training institute East Africa is now an organizational member of International Mediators Community of practice (IMCP) Enhancing Mediation Excellence across the Globe.

It is my pleasure to inform you also that in the year 2018, our 50 hour Professional Mediation program will be enhanced to contain some new extra content. We intend to include new and more recent and relevant content to the ever evolving conflict scenarios and to be in tandem with current international standards. For those who have already completed the 50 hour program, you will get updates in the refresher programs that we run throughout the year.

In Collaboration with a number of international institutions, We will also be introducing Brand New Certification courses in the year 2018.

  1. Fifty-Hour Weekend professional  Mediation Training(Comprehensive Eight-Session Skill-Building program held on Weekends only)
  2. 4 day Advanced Mediation Skill Development: Mediating Complex, multi-party , multi-issue  Disputes and Perfecting Our Craft- for experienced professional mediators who have practiced for more than two years and have handled more than 20 matters in over 200 hours . After training all candidates will be subjected to a qualifying assessment program. This program will offered by two Distinguished Fellows of the international academy of Mediators and experienced international trainers with decades of mediation training experience from the USA and Kenya.
  3. 1 day ADR Training for Lawyers-Developing the Skills and Knowledge Lawyers will need to Effectively Represent Clients in ADR Processes.
  1. Comprehensive and advanced Family mediation training.
  2. Peer mediation training- a program for student leaders  
  3. 40 hour Commercial Mediation training
  4. Eviction Mediation training (Designed for mediators interested in helping tenants and landlords resolve housing and eviction disputes.)
  5. Master Negotiation skills workshops.
  6. Church/Faith based Mediation training ( New and Comprehensive 3 day program)
  7.  MTI quarterly round table seminars (These Quarterly seminars provide practicing professional mediators with an opportunity to strengthen their mediation skills and build their practice by learning from seasoned presenters and interacting with colleagues).

The process of registration with NITA is also ongoing.
We have MTI Mediation Centers spread across the country and you are encouraged to join their panels in centers close to you so that you can get mediation business. Courts offer only 10% of the mediation business, 90% is out there. Go for it!.
The ICMC board is now fully constituted and it will be a membership wing of MTI East Africa professional mediators. ICMC will be officially lodged in the first quarter of 2018.
Our training calendar for the year 2018 is ready and has been sent for publication.
For the new certification and assessment standards and the new remuneration order for mediators trained by MTI East Africa, please see our websites
In order to maintain the high standards of the mediators trained by MTI International East Africa, there is a requirement that one must attend at least one refresher course per year or one quarterly round table seminar. For those that have not attended refresher courses for a while, please ensure you attend the next one .Please ensure you are in good standing. We encourage all our professional mediators to apply for accreditation to MAC this years, our program officers are on standby to give you any assistance that you require.

For those who have not handed in your assignments, please do so to regularize your certification.

We now have two websites. www.mtieastafrica.orgwww.mtieastafrica.or.ke

Another press release with more information will follow shortly in the middle of the month.  Best wishes from the Directors and staff of MTI International East Africa.

Thank you.

James Mang’erere Advocate

President MTI East Africa, Distinguished Fellow of the international academy of mediators.

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