To all professional mediators in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, Trained and Certified by MTI International East Africa

We do hope this press release finds you well in your practice.

Foremost, we wish to welcome all those who have recently graduated as Professional Mediators. MTI International East Africa will continue to guide you, coach and mentor you to ensure you provide quality mediation services that meet the public expectations. Please complete your examinations and hand over the booklets to the office for marking.

We are pleased to inform you that MTI International East Africa is now a Qualifying assessment program for the International Mediation institute (IMI) Netherlands. This is after going through a rigorous quality assessment process of our programs. We are now among the only four institutions in Africa that have been approved as qualifying assessment programs. We will strife to maintain our quality standards of training and Certification in the international arena.

As we come to the end of the year, we wish to thank all professional mediators and wish you well as you continue establishing yourselves in the profession.

We are in the process of establishing committees that will work towards opening the mediation space in the country. Most of you have applied to be members and some are in the process of doing so. 2019 is a promising year.

For those already accredited and those to be accredited, please note that we have a fully fledged Court Annexed Mediation Liaison Committee that was constituted last week that will work hand in hand with Mediation accreditation committee (MAC) to address your issues. If you have any issues on accreditation, or delay In payment or any other issues concerning your practice, this is the group that will exclusively assist you. Call our offices and you will be guided accordingly.

ICMC (the mediators professional body that sets mediation standards and self regulates mediation in the country ) in partnership with MTI International East Africa are planning a major Pan African Mediation Conference in February 2019. This conference will attract all major mediation bodies from the Africa Continent and beyond. Preparations are in top gear. Brace yourself for a Mega mediation conference for the first time on the African soil which will bring all seasoned mediators in the world to Nairobi.

In the first quarter of 2019, MTI International East Africa will hold Two Major Training Workshops in Nairobi and Kampala. In February 2019, We have the 2nd workshop in Advanced Mediation training which is a prerequisite to qualify as a Chartered Mediator. These workshops will take place in Nairobi Kenya and Kampala Uganda done with our branch office MTI Uganda. The trainers will be Professor Dwight Gollan from Boston University and James Mangerere DF(IAM), both accomplished international mediation trainers with decades in mediation training and practice. The next training will be advanced Family mediation training by Professor Sunderland from Houston Texas USA and other Local family mediation trainers with decades of experience. Both workshops will be for Experienced Mediators only (those who have done 10 cases and above).

Our training Calendar is ready and will be out in the next one week. We have lined up new and exciting courses for you. For those who are keen in being certified as international Mediators by IMI through MTI International East Africa, You will be subjected to an assessment after which the reviewers will prepare for you a report which will be submitted before you are certified. Certification is open to all qualified mediators who meet the certification criteria. For those interested you may make inquiries directly to our secretariat.

We have been receiving inquiries from many professional mediators trained by MTI International East Africa on messages that are sent to their emails from different organizations. Please note that the only communication that we send out to our professional mediators is via this Press Release only. We take no responsibility and we are not associated in any way with those messages. Be duly notified and exercise due diligence before acting on those messages.

We trained the 2nd lot of Mentors last month and we have already assigned them mentees, some of them have graduated and have received certificates of completion accordingly. We are training the 3rd lot of Mentors this December and we will certify them accordingly and assign them more mentees.

We will be training trainers (TOT) in March 2019, dates will be fixed shortly. We require at least 50 trainers to serve in Kenya and Uganda, now that our Uganda branch is fully operational and has a number of programs lined up for next year. We invite candidates for TOT from all the five countries of East Africa. (Kenya Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi)

Our First Refresher Course will take place on 11th January 2019 at Lenana conference center lavington. Registration is ongoing. Pay Kshs 5000 for your meals and teas, Tuition will still be free.

For those who have not yet been included in our International Mediation Directory, Please forward your details to our secretariat with immediate effect. i.e. Your current CV in soft , and your latest passport photo. Of late we are receiving inquiries from Customers both locally and internationally asking us to recommend to them Credible Professional Mediators. We will recommend only those who are in good standing i.e. those who attend at least one half day refresher course per year as per our certification requirements and are of good Conduct. We have started cleaning up our Directory. A new directory will be posted on our website in January 2019.

We have been requested to appoint mediators to a panel in one of the organizations that has a mediation Centre in the country. We will be sending out application forms to your emails next week , please ensure we have your correct email so that you don’t lose the opportunity .

The next press release will be published on the first week of January 2019; More new and exciting information in regard to our practice is on the way.

If you want to expand your mediation library and would like to buy new books for mediation practice go to this website .

Please go to , then double click on the link the mediator to view a number of topics in mediation that we have had in discussion on Family TV Previously. You can also watch another TV Interview on Citizen TV at the following link another for KTN is

Our offices will remain closed from 20th December 2018 and we open on 7th January 2019 . For more information please visit our website.


Thank you.

James Mang’erere Advocate

President MTI International East Africa,-Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators..

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