To all professional mediators

We do hope you have been practicing mediation from the day you graduated.

We have categories of graduates who have faced different challenges in starting or practicing mediation.

The first category are those who graduated and have never attempted to do any mediation. Our advise to this category is as follows:- Approach Emma of the secretariat who will give you letters of recommendation for pro-bono mediation to institutions like FIDA, Kenya Bankers Association and others. By engaging in pro-bono mediation you will get experience which will jump start your practice. MTI may not be in a position to follow you up unless you personally contact the secretariat.

The second category are those who have experience and are looking for mediation jobs. The Mediation Accreditation Committee at the judiciary recently invited professional mediators to apply to be included in their panel. They clearly indicated that they recognize mediators trained by MTI East Africa.

The invitation is still on and professional mediators are free to apply. You need to pick a recommendation letter from our secretariat to accompany your application.

The Nairobi Centre for International arbitration will also be inviting Mediators to apply to their panel. Many other organizations are establishing mediation centers with the assistance of MTI east Africa are will soon be inviting mediators to their panel .

To be in good standing as a professional mediator, you must attend at least two refresher courses per year and fill in a re-certification form – please see our website for further details.

We are in the process of signing agreements with organizations i.e. KRA, and others, so that we can present our mediators to their respective panels. This is an avenue of getting business for you, so ensure you are in good standing.

Our mediators directory for 2016 is about to be printed, please send in your updated details and your status as at present. you will obtain your copy from the secretariat. We will be distributing it to the business community, NGO’s and other organizations that often require services of professional mediators.

Please have a look at our website and familiarize yourselves with the mediators standards of conduct and relevant forms. We also have new courses coming up that will enhance your knowledge is conflict management and conflict competence.

We shall keep you updated of other new developments. For new courses and products, please see our website.

Thank you.

James Mang’erere Advocate

President and Regional Rep MTI I NTERNATIONAL Africa

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