To all professional mediators in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda trained and certified by MTI International East Africa

As we come to the end of the year, we would like to say a big thank you to all our professional mediators who are already practicing mediation and those preparing to do so. We wish to thank God and all our trainees for a year of great transformation and success for many.

We take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2020 full of endless possibilities.

Foremost, we wish to welcome all those who have recently graduated as Certified Professional Mediators. MTI International East Africa will continue to guide you, coach and mentor you to ensure you provide quality mediation services that meet the public expectations. Please complete your examinations; your certification is incomplete until you hand over your assignment. Those who have not handed in their examinations in the year 2019, you have an opening to do so before end year.

This year we have had our training program approved as an IMI Certified Mediator Training Program operating in KenyaUganda, and Tanzania. This is in addition to our existing IMI Qualifying Assessment Program for the assessment of experienced mediators.

This means we are now able to work with mediators from their very first training, where they can become ‘IMI Qualified Mediators’, though their career as it develops, until they reach the experience and quality requirements associated with IMI Certification.

MTI International East Africa’s Professional mediation training program was approved by Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) as a Registered Training Program (RTP).

We are also accredited locally by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and lawyers who attend our program receive 3 CPD UNITS. We will continue to strive to maintain our quality standards of training and Certification in the International arena. In MTI E.A we don’t compromise standards or cut corners for short terms gain .We jealously guard the quality of the international mediators we train. Unlike the rest, our quest for professionalism meets and exceeds our clients expectations.

We signed a new MOU recently with Riara University, which is our 18th partner in training and our list is growing.

We launched our New Mediation Centre at Agip house 1st floor suites no 101 and 102. The mediation Centre has all the requirements and amenities for a modern Mediation Centre. We will be registering mediators in our Centre panel and start inviting the public to bring their cases to the centre for resolution instead of referring them to court. Our centre has developed a code of conduct and Centre rules and it will be managed by the centre secretariat. We have developed a charter that will be sent to all organizations and institutions to sensitize them about the centre and its high quality mediators. We do hope to generate sufficient business for all in the year 2020.

It is important to note that Mentorship is a requirement for all our trainees. Mentorship will be done in chronological order. We shall do it class after class and therefore we request all to exercise extreme patience. You are all encouraged to read our Mentorship Guidelines in our website. .

This year we developed some local mediation videos and we have put the videos up on You-tube, including previews. They’re at, watch and learn.

We now have a New Professional Mediation training program. 50 hour i.e. 5 days of intensive training , plus another one extra day for role plays only, a week or so after the training, and then Three months of exams, continuous assessment and coaching. The standards have been raised to match the best and latest “International professional mediation training” programs globally. The trainees can commence their practice immediately after the 5 days training programme but assessment and coaching will continue for three months through assignments. The program will start running from January 2020.

We have recently received concerns of different mediators who have been trained by outfits that purport to offer “professional mediation training”. We have been compelled to retrain the said mediators at a fees and it is very painful for them. Before you register yourself for training in “professional mediation” with any organization that presents itself as a training institution, ask yourself a few questions, who are the trainers? What are their qualifications?, when were they trained as mediation trainers (TOT) and where? What are their training standards? Where can they be found? What is the quality of the material that they issue to their participants? What is the validity of the certificate being issued? It is an offence for an institution to use the abbreviations CPM and ACM which are protected by patents and copyrights.

We will be holding our 1st Mediation Symposium at Lenana Conference House Lavington and a One day free Mediation Clinic at Milimani commercial court. from 9th to 13th of March 2020. The registration fees for the symposium is Kshs 2000 only. All Professional Mediators and Chartered Mediators are invited to register. We expect about 2500 mediators from all the East African countries to attend.

Our 2020 training Calender will be posted on our website on 31st December 2019 . ICMC-Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (the mediators professional body that sets mediation standards and self regulates mediation in the country) is planning for a Pan African Mediation Conference to be held in Nairobi in 2020. More information will be unveiled in the next press release.

If you want to expand your mediation library and would like to buy new books for mediation practice go to this website.

Please go to, then double click on the link the mediator to view a number of topics in mediation that we have had in discussion on Family TV Previously. You can also watch another TV Interview on Citizen TV at the following link another for KTN is For more information please visit our website.

Thank you.

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