Overview of the Program

Our 50-hour professional mediation training program provides detailed and comprehensive tuition for professionals seeking core mediation skills .Completing MTI E.A mediation training program will enable you to become a fully Certified Professional Mediator and an Accredited International Mediator.
Our training affords the participants with the opportunity to experience training at an international level meeting international standards. The participants will have ample opportunity to practice the skills learned simulations and role-plays. Our courses are ‘hands-on’ and interactive.

Who Should Attend

The professional mediation program is essential for any professional wanting to practice as a mediator. The skills obtained form part of an essential tool kit for

  • Professionals with a responsibility for resolving disputes
  • Legal professionals, Advocates , Magistrates , Judges , In-house lawyers Professional advisors — accountants, architects, health care professionals and other Professionals.
  • HR managers , union representatives and policy advisors

Program Content

Module 1: Distance learning

The program takes you through case studies and emotional intelligence (test) assignment. The assignment (test) must be submitted one week before the workshop

Module 2: Five days practical training

This 50 hour workshop module involves tuition in professional mediation, role-plays, group discussions and practice exercises. Participant’s assessment is conducted throughout the course. External assessors do the last assessment.

Module 3: Written Examinations

The first phase will be a written examination that will be done within 10 days from the last date of the workshop. The second phase will be drafting of a mediation settlement agreement that will be done two months from the last date of the workshop and the third phase is self-assessment that will be done after a period of three months, post training.

Course Prerequisites

The course is designed for professionals from all fields and those willing to engage in shared learning.


To bring the lessons to life, participants will engage in several role-play simulations that mirror real-life disputes. The program also includes lectures; debrief sessions, and interactive discussions, as well as opportunities to watch the latest mediation practice videos in the industry.

Course Materials

Participants in our training receive the following material:

  1. Mediation textbooks,
  2. A Comprehensive Workplace Mediation Workbook,
  3. Mediation Practice Manuals,
  4. Mediation DVDs and
  5. A folder containing Mediation Practice Material and notes.

In advance of the workshop

Participants are encouraged to read:

  1. Mediation: A Practice Guide for Mediators, Lawyers, and Other Professionals by David A. Hoffman (Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, 2013) ;Christopher W. Moore . The mediation process updated and revised third Edition. And many other books that are available in our first and only mediation library in Africa. After registration, registered participants have free access to the library even before training.

For more details on the program download the program document below

Benefits of the Course

Benefits of Training with MTI East Africa

MTI E.A has earned a reputation of excellence in the field of Mediation Training and is widely acknowledged as one of the leading providers of Professional Mediation training in the African continent.

Aligning yourself to the right organization is vital and MT I East Africa has developed a reputation for Professionalism, Integrity, Diversity and Quality

Quality Assurance

We conducts ongoing reviews of content, processes, and we are widely acknowledged as one of the leading providers of Professional Mediation training in the African continent.

Proven Results

For the last 15 years, our program have continuously evolved in association with distinguished experts to ensure that it reflects the latest thinking and practice of Professional Mediation.

Industry Standards

We provide one of the most comprehensive training programs that meets and exceeds the required global standards in Professional Mediation Training.

Experienced Trainers

Our trainers and assessors are practicing mediators who have undergone Extensive train the trainer (TOT) training and have experience in mediation practice.

Upcoming Training Events