Fees & Charges

A professional mediator must obtain agreement from participants about the fees and charges Payable for the mediation and about how those fees and charges are to be apportioned between them.

A professional mediator must not charge fees based on the outcome of a mediation or calculated in a way that could influence the manner in which the mediator conducts the mediation.

For any fees or charges paid in advance exceed fees or charges payable for the mediation, the excess must be returned promptly upon conclusion or termination of the mediation.

Provision of Information & Promotion of Services

A professional mediator must accurately represent their qualifications and experience and how they conduct their mediations.

A professional mediator must not guarantee results or outcomes from the mediation process or make statements likely to create false expectations about favorable results.

A professional mediator certified and accredited by MTI International is entitled to use the following descriptor: Certified Professional Mediator (CPM) MTI- registered TM