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Mediation Centre

Our mediation centre caters to all forms of alternative dispute resolution services. We offer customized mediation consultancy services catering to all your matters at hand.

In today’s fast paced disruptive world influenced by technological innovation conflicts are inevitable and litigation may not always be the viable option where there is need for an amicable, cost-effective and peaceful resolution.

We also maintain an international mediators directory which is able provide a panel of professional mediators suited to the matter at hand where specialized knowledge may be needed.

Our Consulting Services covers the following areas

  • Workplace mediation and conflict resolution
  • Environmental mediation

  • Designing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) systems

  • Establishing mediation Centers

  • Commercial/Civil mediation/Court Mandated Mediation
  • Divorce and Family mediation
  • Construction disputes mediation
  • Peer mediation( for schools and colleges )
  • Community mediation
  • Victim offender Mediation( Restorative Justice)
  • Mediating Insurance Disputes
  • Tenant landlord mediation
  • Law enforcement mediation ( for police officers)
  • Mediation of Cooperate Governance issues.
  • Mediation of County Government Disputes.
  • Conflict Dynamic Profile assessment instruments

Mediation Centre Guidelines

Mediation Centre Rules

Our mediation centre rules apply to all mediation engagements administered in Kenya and East Africa.

Mediators Qualification Criteria

We are committed to offering a panel of mediators in whom parties can have the utmost confidence.

The Mediation Process

This guideline assists mediators and parties to make their own decisions in relation to their disputes.

Charging for Mediation

This guideline assists the mediation centre to obtain agreement from parties about the mediation fees.

Appointment of Mediators

This guideline outlines the selection and appointment criteria for the panel mediators and the secretariat.

Mediation Centre Resources

Professional Mediators Board

The board oversees the development and review of all professional mediators standards and the mediators directory.

Knowledge, Skills & Ethics

This Guideline outlines the knowledge skills & ethics applicable to professional mediators.

Mediation Centre Clauses

This guideline explains and provides the use case of mediation clauses in dispute resolution.

Conducting Mediation

This guideline provides a step by step procedure for conducting mediation for both mediators and parties involved.

Mediators Directory

We develop and maintain an online directory with profiles of certified mediators where parties requesting for mediation can chose competent professional mediators according to their needs. As a result this makes it easy and fast to access quality mediation services.

The mediators listed in the directory have been certified as Professional Mediators. Learn more about our programs that can get you internationally accredited.

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