Leave of Absense

A professional mediator seeking leave of absence on the basis of health, career or other special circumstances must provide evidence of the circumstances upon which, and the period for which, leave is being sought. MTI East Africa may grant or refuse the request, or grant it subject to conditions, having regard to the Circumstances.

Where leave of absence is granted for a period of one year, MTI must remove the mediator’s name from the Professional mediator’s Directory for the period of leave and extend the due date for renewal of that mediator’s re-certification / accreditation by an amount equivalent to the period of leave.


Where a Professional mediator is significantly non-compliant with the Approval and Practice Standards, MTI East Africa may, subject to the requirements of procedural fairness, suspend the mediator’s certification/ accreditation and, having regard to the circumstances; specify any conditions that must be met by that mediator prior to seeking reinstatement of accreditation.