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Whenever there are electoral disputes in Africa countries, most countries find themselves in a deep political crisis and often there are less developed responses for dealing with this rare but recurring situation especially when the electoral process collapses resulting in the need for some form of political intervention to arrest a spiraling crisis of potential civil war.
The tasks faced by mediators during complex and high stakes electoral crisis varies substantially but often relate to a core dilemma on how to balance the will of the people as expressed through their vote against an imperative to preserve stability by accommodating the interests of major political constituencies.
For the first time, MTI East Africa has organized a webinar to educate both Chartered Mediators and Professional Mediators on how to professionally approach and mediate electoral crisis disputes.
3rd March 2022 – For Certified Professional Mediators
Online Zoom Meeting
Register early as there are limited slots! visit https://mtieastafrica.org/ to learn more.
For Clarification & Registration Contact Emma 0725538320

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