Association of Young Mediators .EA. is a group whose focus is on networking, finding new opportunities, sharing experience, seek mentorships, get in touch with organizations in mediation and engage with mediators and mediation advocates around the world. AYM .EA. encourages and supports the next generation of mediators within East Africa.

AYM .EA. recognizes the importance of supporting professionals on their path towards experience and seeks to address the difficulties that both mediators and mediation advocates face when trying to gain practical experience and knowledge before and after formal mediation training.

AYM EA is a stepping stone for anyone who wants to turn their mediation passion into action. Our members are trained (40hrs +) mediator that are at the beginning of their mediation career. The mission and vision of AYM.EA. is;

  • Raise awareness of the purpose and the profile of mediation in East Africa, across all sectors
  • Encourage and contribute to education, training and research into mediation
  • Promote a greater understanding and use of mediation as an effective dispute resolution tool
  • Create and encourage links among our community, other groups and organizations with similar or complementary aims and objectives, within East Africa
  • Represent Young Mediators’ and contribute to relevant research and consultation on our members’

The group seeks to have members of the AYM.EA. in running its affairs where they will participate for the benefit of the entire membership. For Enquiries  please call the AYM .EA. -+254708412496 or reach us at [email protected] or visit AYM .EA. Facebook page.