In MTI East Africa, we believe that before a person comes to the training workshop, they already possess 50% of the required mediation skills which they have acquired through the university of life ( Social and emotional intelligence). An applicant must also be of good character and possess appropriate personal qualities and experience to conduct a mediation process independently, competently and professionally


  • 1. Disclose if they have been disqualified from any type of professional practice
  • 2. Disclose any criminal conviction
  • 3. Disclose any impairment that could influence their capacity to discharge their obligations in a competent, honest and professional manner.
  • 4. Comply with the Approval Standards and Practice Standards, with any relevant legislation, professional standards and any other requirements that may be relevant to them.
  • 5. Become and remain a member of MTI East Africa or ICMC or a member or employee of an Organization with a relevant ethical code or standard and a complaints and Disciplinary procedure that can address complaints against mediators.
  • 6. Be covered by relevant professional indemnity insurance or have statutory Immunity.
  • 7. An applicant must have completed a 50 hour MTI East Africa Professional mediation training Programme which meets the General international requirements and must have met the assessment requirement set out therein.


  • (a) A training course of a minimum of 50 hours in duration which shall be conducted as a single course or in modules over a period of five days
  • (b) A training team of at least two trainers in which the principal trainer has more than 10 years’ experience both as a Master accredited mediation trainer
  • (c) Sufficient coaches for each trainee to be observed performing the role of Mediator in two simulated m ediations each of at least Ihour in duration;
  • (d) Coaches who are accredited as mediation trainers by MTI East Africa and have at least two years or 50 hours mediation experience and who provide written feedback to the trainees they have observed; assessed by external assessors.
  • (e) Each trainee participating in at least five simulated mediations, in at least two of which they perform the role of mediator;
  • (f) Content that includes the knowledge, skills and ethical principles articulated in the Practice Standards.