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Mediation Training Institute International (MTI) East Africa is an internationally accredited training, certification and consulting institution specializing in mediation Training and consultancy. We partner with organizations to help people improve mediation and other alternative dispute resolution skills essential to workplaces, business, community, family/organizational success. We work in partnership with international organizations, corporations, nonprofits, banks, hospitals, small businesses, government agencies, associations, universities, colleges, and schools to weave the Mediation culture of resolving disputes into their systems.

Our Values

In our practise we are guided by the following principles which we strongly believe in and are inculcated in our culture


We collaborate with organizations and individuals to optimize sharing of resources


Our practice consistently adheres to strong moral and ethical principles and values


We maintain a high reputation for profesionalism in our work

Long term relationship

Base on mutual gain dealings and in the spirit of service, fairness and harmony

Our Objectives

We conduct training in professional Mediation and related areas through open enrolment or customized seminars and workshops

We assess and Certify candidates who fulfill the Certification requirements under our qualifying assessment programs.

We provide mediation services through our mediation centers situated across the country and related services that the parties may request

We support, engage in, conduct and foster research in the field relevant to mediation, Peace building and conflict management.

We participate in regulation and management, support and guidance of practitioners of mediation and related dispute resolving systems

We initiate activities designed to promote public awareness of advantages of using mediation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

We develop, maintain and nurture relations with similar organizations within East Africa and throughout the world resolution mechanisms.

Our Consulting Services and Training Programs covers the following areas

  • Workplace mediation and conflict resolution
  • Environmental mediation

  • Designing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) systems

  • Establishing mediation Centers

  • Commercial/Civil mediation/Court Mandated Mediation
  • Divorce and Family mediation
  • Construction disputes mediation
  • Peer mediation( for schools and colleges )
  • Community mediation
  • Victim offender Mediation( Restorative Justice)
  • Mediating Insurance Disputes
  • Tenant landlord mediation
  • Law enforcement mediation ( for police officers)
  • Mediation of Cooperate Governance issues.
  • Mediation of County Government Disputes.
  • Conflict Dynamic Profile assessment instruments

Additional services are provided through our professional practice support programmes which include the following services

  • Conferences and Symposiums
  • Publication and dissemination of information
  • Interactive on line discussion of relevant issues
  • Continued Professional Development Activities
  • Functions – (Luncheons, dinners, Professional talks)

  • Alumni Club

Our Resources

Each of the listed areas in which we provide mediation related services is headed by a Certified, practicing and experienced professional mediation trainer supported by a team of professional trainers who are well trained and experienced in their areas of specialty.

Meet The Team

James Mangerere

C.E.O & Chief Consultant

Vellar Oyando

Executive Director – Operations

Lucas Ayorah

Executive Director – Finance

Ezra Nyakundi

Executive Director – Marketing

Ezra Nyakundi

Executive Director – Marketing

Smokie Chikondi

Executive Director – Overseas Business

Cotran Mabeya

Director – Operations

Hesbond Peterson

Programs Officer

Emmah Oyando

Program Officer


Want to be a part
of our team?

We have opportunities for those who wish to become mediators under MTI East Africa, Trainers and those looking for mentorship.

Our Main Office

MTI East Africa Head Office

Jeevan Bharati Building, 5th Floor, Harambee Avenue,
CBD, Nairobi, Kenya